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1# CAUTION! Changing these messages may break clients. 


3ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND = "An account with that username or email was not found." 

4ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED = "Your account is suspended." 

5ADMIN_CANNOT_EDIT_BADGE = "Admins cannot edit that badge." 

6ADMIN_NOTE_CANT_BE_EMPTY = "The admin note cannot be empty." 

7ALREADY_ADMIN = "That user is already an admin." 

8ALREADY_HAVE_DM = "You already have a direct message chat with this user." 

9ALREADY_IN_CHAT = "That user is already in the chat." 

10ALREADY_IN_COMMUNITY = "You're already in that community." 

11ALREADY_IN_GROUP = "You're already in that group." 

12BADGE_NOT_FOUND = "Badge not found." 

13BUG_TOOL_DISABLED = "Bug tool disabled" 

14BUG_TOOL_REQUEST_FAILED = "Request failed" 

15CANNOT_EDIT_THAT_NOTIFICATION_PREFERENCE = "That notification preference is not user editable." 

16CANNOT_LEAVE_CONTAINING_COMMUNITY = "You are inside this community, so you cannot leave it." 

17CANT_ADD_SELF = "You can't add yourself to a group chat." 

18CANT_BLOCK_SELF = "You can't block yourself." 

19CANT_FRIEND_SELF = "You can't befriend yourself!" 

20CANT_INVITE_SELF = "You can't invite yourself to a chat." 

21CANT_INVITE_TO_DM = "You can't invite other users to a direct message." 

22CANT_MAKE_SELF_ADMIN = "You can't make yourself an admin." 

23CANT_MUTE_PAST = "You can't mute until a date in the past." 

24CANT_REFER_SELF = "You can't refer yourself." 

25CANT_REMOVE_LAST_ADMIN = "You can't remove the last admin." 

26CANT_REMOVE_SELF = "You can't remove yourself." 

27CANT_REQUEST_SELF = "Can't request hosting from yourself." 

28CANT_UNACCEPT_COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES = "You cannot revoke acceptance of the Community Guidelines." 

29CANT_UNACCEPT_TOS = "You cannot revoke acceptance of the Terms of Service." 

30CANT_UNSEE_MESSAGES = "You can't unsee messages." 

31CANT_UNSUB_TOPIC = "Sorry, you can't unsubscribe from that topic right now." 

32CANT_WRITE_REFERENCE_FOR_REQUEST = "You can't write a reference for that host request, or it wasn't found." 

33CHAT_NOT_FOUND = "Couldn't find that chat." 

34COMMUNITY_NOT_FOUND = "Community not found." 

35CONTENT_REPORT_NOT_FOUND = "Content report not found." 

36DATE_FROM_AFTER_ONE_YEAR = "The start date must be within one year from today." 

37DATE_FROM_AFTER_TO = "From date can't be after to date." 

38DATE_FROM_BEFORE_TODAY = "From date must be today or later." 

39DATE_TO_AFTER_ONE_YEAR = "You cannot request to stay with someone for longer than one year." 

40DISCUSSION_NOT_FOUND = "Discussion not found." 

41DO_NOT_EMAIL_CANNOT_HOST = "You cannot enable hosting while you have emails turned off in your settings." 

42DO_NOT_EMAIL_CANNOT_MEET = "You cannot enable meeting up while you have emails turned off in your settings." 

43DONATION_TOO_SMALL = "We can't accept donations less than $2, sorry!" 

44DONATIONS_DISABLED = "Donations are currently disabled." 

45EVENT_CANT_CANCEL_OLD_EVENT = "You can't cancel an event that's more than 1 day old." 

46EVENT_CANT_OVERLAP = "An event cannot have overlapping occurrences." 

47EVENT_CANT_REMOVE_OWNER_AS_ORGANIZER = "Transfer the event elsewhere before removing yourself as an organizer." 

48EVENT_CANT_UPDATE_ALL_TIMES = "You cannot update all events if you're modifying start or end times." 

49EVENT_CANT_UPDATE_CANCELLED_EVENT = "You can't modify, subscribe to, or attend to an event that's been cancelled." 

50EVENT_CANT_UPDATE_OLD_EVENT = "You can't modify, subscribe to, or attend to an event that's more than 1 day old." 

51EVENT_COMMUNITY_INVITE_ALREADY_APPROVED = "A community invite has already been sent out for this event." 

52EVENT_COMMUNITY_INVITE_ALREADY_DECIDED = "That event community invite was already approved/denied." 

53EVENT_COMMUNITY_INVITE_ALREADY_REQUESTED = "You have already requested a community invite for this event." 

54EVENT_COMMUNITY_INVITE_NOT_FOUND = "Couldn't find that event community invite." 

55EVENT_EDIT_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to edit that event." 

56EVENT_ENDS_BEFORE_STARTS = "The event must end after it starts." 

57EVENT_IN_PAST = "The event must be in the future." 

58EVENT_NOT_AN_ORGANIZER = "You're not an organizer." 

59EVENT_NOT_FOUND = "Event not found." 

60EVENT_TOO_FAR_IN_FUTURE = "The event needs to start within the next year." 

61EVENT_TOO_LONG = "Events cannot last longer than 7 days." 

62EVENT_TRANSFER_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to transfer that event." 

63FRIEND_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND = "Couldn't find that friend request." 

64FRIENDS_ALREADY_OR_PENDING = "You are already friends with or have sent a friend request to that user." 

65GROUP_NOT_FOUND = "Group not found." 

66GROUP_OR_COMMUNITY_NOT_FOUND = "Group or community not found." 

67HOST_REQUEST_CLOSED = "This host request is closed, use a normal message instead." 

68HOST_REQUEST_IN_PAST = "This host request is in the past." 

69HOST_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND = "Couldn't find that host request." 

70HOST_REQUEST_SENT_OR_RECEIVED = "Can't only list sent and also only received requests." 

71HOSTING_STATUS_REQUIRED = "Hosting status is required." 

72INSECURE_PASSWORD = "The password is insecure. Please use one that is not easily guessable." 

73INVALID_BIRTHDATE = "You must be at least 18 years old to sign up." 

74INVALID_COORDINATE = "Invalid coordinate." 

75INVALID_DATE = "Invalid date." 

76INVALID_DELIVERY_METHOD = "Invalid delivery method." 

77INVALID_EMAIL = "Invalid email." 

78INVALID_GUIDE_LOCATION = "You need to either supply an address and location or neither for a guide." 

79INVALID_HOST_REQUEST_STATUS = "You can't set the host request status to that." 

80INVALID_LANGUAGE = "Invalid language." 

81INVALID_MESSAGE = "Invalid message." 

82INVALID_NAME = "Name not supported." 

83INVALID_NOTIFICATION_PREFERENCE = "Invalid notification preference." 

84INVALID_PASSWORD = "Wrong password." 

85INVALID_PHONE = "Phone number must be in international format without punctuation." 

86INVALID_RECIPIENTS = "Invalid recipients list." 

87INVALID_REGION = "Invalid region." 

88INVALID_TOKEN = "Invalid token." 

89INVALID_USERNAME = "Invalid username." 

90INVITE_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to invite users." 

91LAST_ADMIN_CANT_LEAVE = "The last admin can't leave a group chat." 

92MISSING_DISCUSSION_CONTENT = "Missing discussion content." 

93MISSING_DISCUSSION_TITLE = "Missing discussion title." 

94MISSING_EVENT_ADDRESS_LOCATION_OR_LINK = "Missing event address, location, or link." 

95MISSING_EVENT_ADDRESS_OR_LOCATION = "Missing event address or location." 

96MISSING_EVENT_CONTENT = "Missing event content." 

97MISSING_EVENT_TITLE = "Missing event title." 

98MISSING_PAGE_ADDRESS = "Missing page address." 

99MISSING_PAGE_CONTENT = "Missing page text." 

100MISSING_PAGE_LOCATION = "Missing page geo-location." 

101MISSING_PAGE_PARENT = "Missing page parent." 

102MISSING_PAGE_TITLE = "Missing page title." 

103MUST_ACCEPT_COMMUNITY_GUIDELINES = "You must accept the Community Guidelines." 

104MUST_ACCEPT_TOS = "You must accept the Terms of Service." 

105MUST_CONFIRM_ACCOUNT_DELETE = "Please confirm your account deletion." 

106NEED_TO_SPECIFY_AT_LEAST_ONE_USER = "You need to specify at least one user." 

107NO_MULTIPOLYGON = "GeoJson was not of type MultiPolygon." 

108NO_PENDING_VERIFICATION = "No phone number to verify." 

109NO_RECIPIENTS = "No recipients." 

110NODE_MODERATE_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to moderate that community" 

111NOT_IN_COMMUNITY = "You're not in that community." 

112NOT_IN_GROUP = "You're not in that group." 

113NOT_THE_HOST = "You are not the host of this request." 

114ONLINE_EVENT_MISSING_PARENT_COMMUNITY = "The online event is missing a parent community." 

115ONLINE_EVENT_REQUIRES_LINK = "An online-only event requires a link." 

116ONLY_ADMIN_CAN_EDIT = "Only admins can edit the chat." 

117ONLY_ADMIN_CAN_MAKE_ADMIN = "Only admins can make other users admins." 

118ONLY_ADMIN_CAN_REMOVE_ADMIN = "Only admins can remove admins." 

119ONLY_ADMIN_CAN_REMOVE_USER = "Only admins can remove users." 

120PAGE_NOT_FOUND = "Page not found." 

121PAGE_TRANSFER_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to transfer that page." 

122PAGE_UPDATE_PERMISSION_DENIED = "You're not allowed to update that page." 

123PASSWORD_TOO_LONG = "The password must be less than 256 characters." 

124PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT = "The password must be 8 or more characters long." 

125PHOTO_NOT_FOUND = "Photo not found." 

126PUSH_NOTIFICATIONS_DISABLED = "Push notifications are currently disabled." 

127REFERENCE_ALREADY_GIVEN = "Reference already given." 

128REFERENCE_INVALID_RATING = "The rating must be between 0 and 1, inclusive." 

129REFERENCE_NO_TEXT = "The text of a reference must not be empty" 

130REVERIFICATION_TOO_EARLY = "Too early for a new phone number verification. Please try again later." 

131SIGNUP_FLOW_ACCOUNT_FILLED = "Account part already filled in." 

132SIGNUP_FLOW_BASIC_FILLED = "Basic part already filled in." 

133SIGNUP_FLOW_BASIC_NEEDED = "Basic part needed to sign up." 

134SIGNUP_FLOW_EMAIL_STARTED_SIGNUP = "Please check your email for a link to continue signing up." 

135SIGNUP_FLOW_EMAIL_TAKEN = "That email address is already associated with an account. Please log in instead!" 

136SIGNUP_FLOW_FEEDBACK_FILLED = "Feedback part already filled in." 

137STRONG_VERIFICATION_ALREADY_VERIFIED = "You already have strong verification." 

138STRONG_VERIFICATION_ATTEMPT_NOT_FOUND = "Strong verification attempt not found." 

139STRONG_VERIFICATION_DISABLED = "Strong verification is currently disabled." 

140THREAD_NOT_FOUND = "Discussion thread not found." 

141TOO_MANY_SMS_CODE_ATTEMPTS = "Too many sms code attempts performed." 

142UNKNOWN_ERROR = "An unknown backend error occurred. Please consider filing a bug!" 

143UNRECOGNIZED_PHONE_NUMBER = "Your mobile phone number is not recognized. Please double-check it and contact support if this error persists." # fmt: skip 

144UPLOAD_NOT_FOUND = "Upload not found." 

145USER_ALREADY_ADMIN = "That user is already an admin." 

146USER_ALREADY_BLOCKED = "Target user has already been blocked." 

147USER_ALREADY_HAS_BADGE = "The user already has that badge." 

148USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_BADGE = "The user does not have that badge." 

149USER_NOT_ADMIN = "That user is not an admin." 

150USER_NOT_BLOCKED = "Target user is not blocked." 

151USER_NOT_FOUND = "Couldn't find that user." 

152USER_NOT_IN_CHAT = "That user is not in that chat." 

153USER_NOT_MEMBER = "That user is not in the community." 

154USERNAME_NOT_AVAILABLE = "Sorry, that username isn't available." 

155WRONG_SIGNATURE = "Wrong signature." 

156WRONG_SMS_CODE = "The code is wrong."